For Brands

Share visually your products within the right B2B Fashion community

Grow your brand awareness and have a better understanding of how your collections and products are perceived by premium retailers worldwide

Your Ambitions

  • You want to showcase your great creative products, despite limited marketing and financial resources.
  • You want to launch more often smaller collections and limited editions.
  • You want to receive feedback on prototype products before production.
  • You want to stay connected with your clients easily before and after the fairs in a digital and stylish way.
  • You want to bring awareness to your brand among selective retailers worldwide.

Our Solution


Tell your brand story

  • Position your brand
  • Showcase and promote your latest products
  • Launch more often smaller collections and limited editions
  • Have access to your own mobile digital catalogue
  • Present prototypes


Get matched with premium retailers

  • Stay always connected
  • Control who sees your collections and products
  • Easily inform updates on your current collections to international customers
  • Be discovered by new selected retailers worldwide

Measure Engagement

Get to know your customer

  • Measure your products’ performance
  • Learn about your customers’ preferences and behaviors
  • Learn about the preferences of retailers in new markets
  • Obtain ratings on your products

Our Main Features

  • Have a better insight of your retailers
    Who they are, where they are located, their social media presence, the number of brands they follow, etc.
  • Select your Ambassadors
    Once retailers start following you, you can make them your Ambassadors. Then, when creating a collection you will be able to either make it exclusive for them or select a pre-launch date making your collection only visible for your Ambassadors.
  • Get 24/7 real-time engagement statistics of your products
    The Lys.Fashion platform gives you an overview of how many times your products were liked, bookmarked and pre-ordered.

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